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Thinking of joining a community that offers freedom from privacy control to public control basing on your preference kind of a social media preference,we offer 100% total freedom to customize your social media account on toody just the way you like it.

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Love exploring different culture and learning new things from people from different background?toody community creates that bridge to interact with other users freely.

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Don’t worry about your preference kind of friends,we help you find those people with the same interests as yours.


Community Reviews

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Total Freedom

My account is totally private which means you cannot access it unless i give you access to. Thats what i enjoy in toody

Dela Ambrose
Los Angeles, CA

User Experience

Are you kidding me!User experience is totally amazing.Truelly toody forever.

Anton Clome

Awesome Support

When i started using toody platform i didn't understand the platform more so i consulted the support team and it was amazing.

Finaldo Cruise
San Francisco, CA